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Newport Sub-acute Healthcare Center serves the residents of Costa Mesa, CA.


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2570 Newport Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: 949-631-4282
Fax : 949-631-8681
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Newport Subacute Healthcare Center

Who says no one needs a health care at all? We all grow and age as time passes by and will eventually reach the phase where we need extra care and assistance. When this time comes home health care is the one you can call on. This is the service that is created for individuals who need assistance with their daily living activities.

Newport Sub-acute Healthcare Center is a home health care provider in the cities and counties of Costa Mesa, California. We are a center that provides various services dedicated to alleviate discomforts and pain. These tasks are all assigned and carried out by our compassionate, understanding and trusted care providers.

Newport Sub-acute Healthcare Center understands that the information about your health or the health of your family is highly confidential and pledge to protect these medical records for our clients safety purposes. All the records about your condition, status, treatment and cure given and/or executed will be kept and will be used as a tool in providing quality and appropriate care for the betterment and quick recovery of our patients.

Our center is committed in giving assistance to those who have various medical condition and we always provide them with the best possible care that fits them. Our vision is to give the families in California a health service that is efficient and affordable to all. Never waste an opportunity to get better, avail of our services today.

Policy Statement: Newport Sub-acute Healthcare Center, through it’s compliance plan and other policies, is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior,and the submission of accurate claims to all payers, including federally funded payers such as Medicare and Medical. The purpose of this policy is to provide information about Newport Subacute Healthcare Center to prevent fraud and abuse by presenting accurate claims for payment to all payers, including federal programs. The policy also describes Newport Subacute Healthcare Center policies for detecting and preventing fraud and abuse, the Federal and State False Claims Acts, and related whistleblower provisions.

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